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trent richardson
trent richardson

Trenton Kushen Richardson (on July 10, 1999) is an American football, who had last played for the United States against the United Kingdom, Birmingham Iron (AAF). He played college football for the University of Alabama, recognized all Americans, and was a member of the two BCS National Champions team.

trent richardson
trent richardson


Looking at the top of the top running prospects for 2012 NFL draft, Richardsonson was admitted to Adrian Peterson’s return, and Cliffland brand selected the third to third. During his second season from the brand, after turning away from Brown during the ninth and after leaving NFL five months later, he will sometimes reside in the largest history of league history.

College career

Richardson accepted an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Alabama, where he played for coach Nick Saban‘s Alabama Crimson Tide football team from 2009 to 2011.

In his first year in Alabama, Richardson left Glenn Coffee and soon placed up and up and shared in the position of Mark Engram, Junior. Kirsten Tide’s coach Nick Sawson told Richardson “class,” and “in the case of an excellent player that young players can contribute another year.”


In the second game against Florida International, Richardson scored 118 runs and scored two runs and scored two runs. For the week Richardson was nominated for Week 2 and Weekly SS Framedman. Richardson was also included in the 200Stender SK’s All-Farms team with Barrister Jane and Nico Johnson. He was born in 1971. National National Championships made significant contributions to Texas Long Barns and 109 rounds against Touchdown 2. For the season, he made 1451 yards for backup and 8 touchdowns. That season there were 16 receptions for 126 yards.

2010 season


trent richardson
trent richardson


Due to the injury to Mark Ingram, Richardson started the first two games of science. In season opener against San Jose, he planted 10 kilograms and 2 touchdowns for 10 wards. He also had 3 receptions for 46 yards. The next week, against Penn State, he made a career of 144 career and 22 carrots in Touchdown. They had 4 cards for 46 yards. Trent is called co-escalator of week week for his efforts. In the annual rival game against Tennessee, he stole 12 for 12 inches and touched the 41-10 win.

For the season, he increased 700 yards and received 6 touchdowns and 266 yards and 112 worked for 4 touchdowns. Richardson also had a one-year touchdown at the 634 Kick Returns Yard.

2011 season


With the departure of Mark Ingram in the NFL, Richardson has traditionally played a racing role. During the season, Richardson scored more than 100 yards in nine matches. He shared six consecutive 100-yard escape games with Shawn Alexander. He scored two or more sixes in seven matches. He established a career high for 183 yards and wet Miss Racer for four touchdowns. In the Iron Bowl, Richardson made a career of 203 yards in a 42-14 victory. After winning the Derek Walker Prize, Alabama’s first player is found. He voted for the third consecutive innings in the Hunsman Trophy, Robert Graffin III and Andrew Luck.  In the 2012 BCS National Championship game, Richardson faced a touchdown to secure the second wrestling championship with 9 wards and Crimson Tide.

For the season, Richardson buried the yard in 1989, marking the record of Mark Sigram, breaking the fastest yard and recording in one season and 21 touches. His 21 initial touchdown was running an SEC running record. He also got 338 yards away with three touchdowns, and his season shared Shane Alexander’s second record for 24 years. On January 12, 2012, Richardson announced the 2012 NFL draft, so go to the final finale of college qualification. At the time of the announcement, he was estimated as the top to return to the first round pick and draft.


trent richardson
trent richardson


For Trent Richardson, there is a long and short background of organized soccer, which is running on Alabama’s Top Draft Option-NNFL-Bust.

They selected the total number 3 NFL in 2012. Brown legend Jim Brown, who faced public with Brazilian President Michael Holmgren, Richardson attempted to break Brown’s record playing the branded ribs.

Then, in the third week of his second season, there was a shocking business in Interpolis culture. It sent Richardson under the rabbit hole of personal and professional disappointment. He was hiding through Indianapolis, Oakland, Baltimore, and finally, Saskatchewan, Canada. Playing in CFLs will cost the custodian of their three children. He chose the family in football.

Now playing in the center of Birmingham French in the American Football Alliance operation, playing against his college football fame, Richardson is happy to return his personal life together and return to the football field.

Five years ago – In the two Birmingham Games, the total of three touchdowns is equal to the total production of the last NFL season. The fun of the game is returned to him.

“It’s helping me get back to Alabama,” Richardson told the real Big Show in the 850 WKNR. “Here is a fan of chemistry, with everyone, I’ve always been near the coach [Nick] Sabtath, we actually do many things. There are many things which coach Sabbat taught me that I am learning my children We contacted. ” The league is about to say. ”

According to: Richardson’s business in September 2013, in September, Annapolis’s business sent headquarters to the brands and coaches of the brands. Regardless of Richardson’s impressive stop-up season – 950 winter yards and 11 touchdowns, and 51 receptions – the CEO who agreed with the banner Jim Brown. He felt Richardson was not a specialist.

In the draft 2014, the banner got place in the quarterback, and there will be a ticket to get the Indianapolis No. 1 selection ticket.

Then, 23 Richardson supported the business. He heard about a radio from a friend.

trent richardson
trent richardson


“This really puts a lot of influence on me,” Richardson said. “People do not know that my first knee surgery had started, I had a knee surgery in Prison, and they told me that I would return after 2 weeks or two weeks and I came back to my head for the week. . [My first year] I played 12 weeks with a broken sweat and I gave Cleveland all to life.

“That business] really makes me emotionally emotional. I know that I am a football player and everyone, but we have a feeling and really hurt me. I was young when I was in this business I was afraid of that football, it was not for me. ”

The business of Minnesota Viking was not offered until Wednesday, Wednesday, until Wednesday. Richardson Adrian Pietersen was playing back against his football heroes.

“That was like a maze full day,” Richardson said. “I bought a house [me], my mother bought a house. My whole life was at that time in Cleveland.

“It was late on Wednesday and I was on a jet that night and [next day] when I was inside the house, it was that I was passing out at the speed of getting out.Why am I not in Cleveland? Why am I here? ” ? I realized that I was one of the best players in the field of football. I loved Cleveland very much. I gave them all and it was a joke. I have never made any mistake about anything. . ”

The business meant that the value of Colts, which helped prevent Andrew Lock.

Business banners used to explain, which had been thinking with sites in the quarterback for a long time – the Dac Car – on the second season’s draft. (The banner season was later removed and ended using the first round of colonies and Jenny Mangyel was selected).

Business Richardson has no meaning.


trent richardson
trent richardson

He participated in 14 games with 190 courts. And when he needed a lot of AFC play falls, he was still in the fog and a little help.

That season was not good. And when Playaf began to roam, Richardson’s family problem kept him away and the team turned into suspension. Colts released them after their second September.

In order to take care of extended families and friends, eventually, Richardson’s guardians and their $ 2 million bonus burned $ 2 million.

“What is the difference between me? I will not be very good,” said Richardson. “I would like to be more careful to take precautions to do something with some open things.

“It is one thing that the coach said in the interview about the Sabbath. He said,” I have only one thing about Trent, it is so big that he does not know how to say. ” 


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