Naadam festival -Operdiva (2019)


The Naadam Festival is only of its kind. This is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of Kokodadi culture, it is a prestigious celebration of national national freedom, and it is an excellent combination of art and sport.

Still, the origin of such festivals – three human sports – wrestling, horse and arrow, singing, dance and many elements of art.


Anonymity is known when the Mongolian army removes the parties. Naadam Festival is organized in the last month of the country’s most beautiful season. Therefore, everyone takes the opportunity, and this program offers such festivals in various programs, such as traveling in the country, coming out, and meeting in nearby sheep.

Everyone is eager for the warehouse, or after each warehouse, the Nadar heat the heat for a long time. Do not miss one of them waiting for the second badge, which is too long to wait!
To visit Mongolia with us, experience it in Mongolia, which is one of the only people in the world.


Three Games




Wrestling at NADAAM Festival 2005
Total 512 or 1024 wrestlers are found in a single elimination tournaments, which are 9 or ten rounds. Mongolian traditional wrestling is an unstable competition that loses words, and they touch their feet or hands on the ground in any part of the outer body. With the addition of wrestling pair, it has the privilege of choosing your competitor with the greatest fame. Wrestling consists of a waiting shoulder and a two-piece costume in the shirt. Only men are allowed to participate

Each wrestler said “encouragement” to Jaysula. Casual 3, 5, and 7. Winners of the Seventh or 8th stage (based on the 512 or 1024 puzzle contests) later praised the song for the win, which won the title “High”. Arslan is called “lion”, which is called the 9th or 10th stage winner. In the final competition, in the wake of each wrestling, all the steps take each other as “jusles” drop. Double-frequency arts are called titles / waiters.

Horse race

Unlike western horse racing, with small sprint, generally not more than 2 km, Mongolian horse horse is a cross-country incident depicted in the forest, which is 15-30 km high. Each race is determined by age group. For example, two-year-old horses run for the tenth and seven years till the seventh mile. 1000 horses can be selected from any part of Mongolia. Race horses take special food.

Children are selected as Jockey between 5 and 13 and there is a train in the months before the race. While jockey is an important component, the main purpose of the race is to test the skills of horses.

Before starting the race, the audience sang traditional songs and called jockey ging. Awards are provided to horses and jockeys. The top five horses of each class earned the title of Agnee’s tour and the gold, silver and bronze medals in the top three. The title of the winning jockey-tooney eq is praised or ten thousand leaders. The last horse (two-year-old horse is called race), which is referred to as the shedding (“full stomach”). Bain is singing a song in Khaddu, who makes him the winner of next year. More about horse riding in Mongolia.




Women’s arcade competition during the 2005 Nobel ceremony
Men and women can participate in this competition. It is played by ten teams. Each archer is given four arrows; The team should kill 33 “surs” Men turn their arrows from 75 meters away and women shoot at 65 meters. Merchants traditionally dressed their national clothes during the competition. All archers bring leather bakers with excitement in their outer hands, so that they do not interfere in the shooting of the dill’s cuff.

Mongolian arrows are unique in the form of targets for dozens of sur. Each tune is a small woven or wooden cylinder. They are placed on each other and three-high walls have been made, which are 5 ft 5 inches wide. With an arrow’s counting, coming out of the wall, because the competition will take more points if you walk outside the center. When the archer targets the target, the judge says, “Yes.” After each hit, an official damaged wall is repaired and ready for another attempt. The winners of the competition are given the title of “National Markman” and “National Mark Suman”.

Nadaam is a national festival every year from July 11 to 13 in Mongolia, in which three traditional sports are taken into account: horses, wrestling and arrows. Mongolian dishes are strongly connected to the codeodic civilization of Mongols, which have long been lunched at the vast level of central Asia. Oral traditions, art exhibitions, national dishes, sculptors, and cultural forms such as long songs, more cattle than Comomi, B-biz dancing and Morin Khushi are also available especially during the warehouse.

Angels follow such followers and practices, such as unique clothing and special equipment and sports items. The participants of the festival compete with competitive sports, games and children, and the winners give their title title for their achievement. Religious adherent songs and rhyme programs are dedicated to the contestants.



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