instagram couldn’t refresh feed 2020

Instagram is a great social networking website where we can share our photos and short videos. About 1 billion + active users access this website monthly and it works fine on any device you use. If you’re a regular Instagram user, you’ve probably heard “Instagram can’t refresh feed error” at least once or more. This is very annoying when Instagram can’t refresh the feed and you are not able to see the latest posts in the feed. So if you also couldn’t refresh the feed Instagram error and are looking for a solution to it, read the article to the end.

The following fixes have helped many Instagram users to fix Instagram Couldn’T Refresh Feed in 2020

1.Network Connectivity: Poor Connection

If you have a poor network connection on your phone, the error “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” may occur. So, before trying any other fixes, you need to check the network connection on your phone. Most of the time, Instagram couldn’t refresh feed because of a poor internet connection. Actually, this doesn’t have anything to do with Instagram and you just have to go-to solution and check the network connectivity.

2.Make sure the app is updated

Sometimes, older versions of the application can cause errors and this can be similar to the error. Once you update the app to its latest version, all possible bugs and fixes are fixed. It is recommended to check for updates in the Play Store regularly. So, update the app if you don’t already have one.

You’ll need to update the Instagram app if any of the above improvements didn’t work. There is probably a bug in the current build of this Instagram app, which triggers this issue. After you update the application, this issue will be resolved.

For iPhone users, you have to go to the App Store to check if there is an update for Instagram, for Android users, you can go to Google Play to check for updates for Instagram. If there are no updates for Instagram, try another fix below.

3.Clear data and cache

Clearing the application’s cache and data may be a possible solution to the error. You can do this by going to> Applications> Instagram settings. Now select the “Clear Data” and “Empty Cache” options. This clears all the saved data of the application and you will have to login again after clearing the data and opening the application. Now login with your credentials and try refreshing the feed. The feed should refresh now. But if it still doesn’t, we have more solutions for you.

If the Instagram app cache or data is corrupted, it can trigger this issue. You can clear the Instagram app cache and data.

4.Re-install the app

Reinstalling the app from the Play Store is also a possible fix. To uninstall an app, go to Settings> Applications> Instagram and click “Uninstall”. Once the app is uninstalled, reinstall it from the Play Store. Now enter your credentials and log in. Refresh the feed and check if the error is fixed.

If you are currently using an outdated Instagram user, you just need to update the app. If you have an Android device, just go to the Google Play Store and update the app, and if you’re using Instagram on an iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store and install the latest version of Instagram.

Additionally, if you are using an updated Instagram version, try uninstalling the app and then reinstall the app and log in using your username and password. This has solved the problem in some cases.

5.Restart the phone

This is probably the ultimate solution for every error when none of the solutions work. Just restart your mobile device and try refreshing. It certainly doesn’t solve your problem but it is definitely worth the effort.

As mentioned above sometimes you will see that the Instagram feed is not updated because there is no space in your mobile phone or there are some technical issues that do not allow your phone to work properly. In fact, restarting mobile devices refreshes your device and removes some free space. So, before emptying the Instagram cache or removing some apps, just try restarting your phone.

6.Try using a VPN

Although this fix is often used to reset an Instagram 404 issue where the Instagram service is blocked, if this is not an Instagram server issue, and none of the above solutions work for you, you can also use a VPN (such as NordVPN and Express VPN) if you can refresh the feeds.

7.Log out then log in

In some cases, you can easily resolve this issue by logging out of your Instagram account and logging in again. If you haven’t fixed it yet, you should give it a shot.

Whenever you fail to refresh the feeds in the Instagram app, you can sign in to your account through the website or app. You can start the browser on your mobile phone or computer. After signing in to your account, you can refresh the feeds to see if you are able to view recent comments.

8. Use Instagram On Another Phone

When you cannot get rid of the error then it may be the issue with your device. So what you should do in this situation is, use another phone to access Instagram app.

After logging into your Instagram account on another device, refresh the feed of Instagram and see if the same issue is occurring here or not. If you don’t get the same error then it means that issue is with the device itself.

Hopefully, one of the fixes above helped you resolve this issue. If you have any questions or suggestions on the Instagram couldn’t refresh feeds issue, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


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