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If you are seeking How To Get Dark Mode On Roblox, in this post, I will help you to allow the dark mode in Roblox. You can now use dark mode in your profile. If you already have a Roblox account, you can enable it with only a few clicks.  If you are using Roblox on a computer or cell phone, you can use dark mode in  Roblox. Any changes you are making to the Roblox theme setting will change everywhere, whether you use your account on the mobile app or on a PC.

Roblox has enhanced the to be had themes and wallpapers. You can make many different modifications to your Roblox profile to completely customize the look. We can change the username, description, avatar, theme, change the Roblox wallpaper, and many others.

How To Get Dark Mode On Roblox (2022)

  1. Go to  and sign in to your account or if you don’t have an account. You have to create one first.
  2. Click on the ”Setting” Wheel Icon in the top right corner. And select setting.
  3. Scroll to the ”Theme” section. You can see default, it’s on the light theme. You can change that to ”Dark”. Then click on ”Save”.
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Now, everything will now be in that dark mode and you can now use Roblox in dark mode.

If you need to reset the new settings for the light theme, you want to follow the same steps for the light theme. There is an option to switch between Roblox dark and light themes.

Congratulation you have successfully Get Dark Mode On Roblox account by this easy method. If you have any issues regarding your Roblox account. Comment your queries, so I can help you.

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